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Year 37

Happy Friday



This past weekend I celebrated my 37th birthday. I’m still in awe, what a magical day it was! Its amazing how years fly by while you are busy ‘adulting’. I have never been one to shy away from telling anyone how old I am, I thrive as I age. Another year of life is a symbol of an honour bestowed upon me by the good Lord.

To celebrate this milestone, I had lunch with my closest girlfriends at the most stunning venue. The rain came down as we sat for lunch which was another symbol of blessings from above. We shared memories and caught up on life.

My best friend shared a memory of how and why we became friends. Her words; ” I liked you in varsity because you were so confident in who you were, you were so tiny but yet not looking for approval from anyone. You were not bothered of what the next person thought of you because you knew exactly who you were. This made me love and appreciate you…and I wanted to know you better”.

Needless to say, 17 years later, she is one of my pillars of strength.Its beautiful how certain people are able to stay in your life and continue to grow with you.

This was an “AHA” moment for me. I have been thinking about what she said for the past few days. It is very important to observe what we tell ourselves in private. The thoughts that go through our minds about who we are become us, they easily manifest into our reality. Be constantly aware of what you are telling yourself about yourself. You have the power to change any negative perception of yourself every single day through your thoughts alone. Make that change for a better you.



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  1. Kia Mabuku says:

    This is beautiful. Hope to see and read more. Love Kia

  2. So stunning ladies! I love the reminder about the power of manifestation! May year 37 be your best one yet!

  3. Lerato says:

    It was an awesome day indeed.

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