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Having daughters is the most amazing thing I have in this world. My little girls remind me daily how fun it is to be young and carefree. They are full of curiosity, they are always ready to explore and the world has not yet damaged their view of how unequal they will be treated. This is why I have to consciously remember to reinforce the following with my babies daily.

  1. Always be kind
  2. You are beautiful
  3. You are strong
  4. You are intelligent
  5. You can do anything you put your mind to
  6. I love you
  7. You are important
  8. I am proud of you
  9. Enjoy being young
  10. Don’t trust strangers

I promise myself that i will continue to learn on how to raise strong-willed, kind, loving , curious and happy girls. The things I mentioned above is not only applicable to girls, I believe that any child need to hear loving and encouraging words from the person that loves them most.

What words of encouragements do you tell your kids?



  1. Lerato Moshodi says:

    My son has a mantra that he repeats every morning when I drive him to school. It’s as follows;

    I am healthy
    I am wealthy
    I am kind
    I am passionate
    I am brave
    I am happy
    I am loved
    I am blessed by God
    I am magical
    I am amazing
    I am a melanin King
    I am grateful

    We add as we go along but I believe every word you place after I am moulds who you are.

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